We are a fully insured facility. We currently carry $2 million liability insurance coverage. Due to the insurance requirements we request that a Release of Liability Waiver Form be filled out and signed by every participant.

If you are under 18 yrs old you must have parent or legal guardian sign your waiver form.

Proof of insurance can be sent upon request.

Waiver for Kids, Birthdays and School Groups

This is Peaks waiver form for participation in birthday parties and group climbing programs or if you are under 14 yrs old which requires that climbers wear a helmet. Please bring your bike helmet.

Waiver to climb without helmet

This is Peaks waiver form which allows climbers to climb without a helmet. This waiver form is typically used for participants that are older then 14 and/or experienced climbers. If you are 14 to 17 yrs old you will also need your parent signature on the helmet waiver part of the form on the bottom.