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Highly Recommended

I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Andre Zeman’s services at Peaks Indoor Rock Climbing Club.

As owner and operator of “Peaks’, Andre makes you feel welcome and at ease within this environment. As a secondary school teacher I have brought several of my grade 1 1 co-ed physical education classes to ‘Peaks’. The instruction offered by Andre was clear and concise and allowed students to immediately get involved within the activity/sport of rock climbing. I found that the activities presented at ‘Peaks” by Andre enhanced the characteristics of strength, co-ordination, endurance flexibility, problem solving abilities and confidence within the students.

The facilities are great and the climbs which Andre sets up provide a challenge to both novice and experienced rock climbers. From the semesters end course evaluations, students indicated the experience at ‘Peaks” was “very positive”, “enjoyable” and interested them enough to return to Peaks on their own for additional climbs.

In conclusion I would like to state that Andre Zeman offers a great service to the City of St. Catharines and I highly recommend to people to take advantage of the facilities offered at Peaks Indoor Rock Climbing Club.

Sincerely, Peter Perron Dept. of Physical Education Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

Peter PerronDept. of Physical Education Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School


Have a meeting to plan? Tired of doing the same old thing? Want to experience something new, something exciting, something empowering and something challenging? If you answered yes to any of these questions; then, why not try indoor rock climbing at PEAKS, located at 630 Welland Avenue. PEAKS Indoor Rock Climbing Club, in St. Catharines, offers excellent introductory to advanced level climbing lessons. Andre, the owner of PEAKS, and his capable staff, provide their expertise while teaching you the skills necessary to make your climbing experience safe and fulfilling. They carefully evaluate each potential climber according to their ability and fitness level, offering encouragement and help to their students. They emphasize safety before teaching how to get into your harness and tie the necessary knots. There are so many skills to learn. There is such a feeling of accomplishment when you finally reach for the top.

I took fifteen Pathfinders (Girl Guides ranging in age from twelve to fifteen) indoor rock climbing at PEAKS at the end of March. After receiving an introductory lesson, which emphasized safety, everyone had an experience of a lifetime. The PEAKS facility has over forty different climbing routes in textured walls (no spiders or snakes!), overhangs and caves which means plenty of variation and challenge for everyone. A number of Moms went along too and had as good a time as their daughters. Even I climbed and I am afraid of heights!!!. Everyone loved the experience so much I have set up another meeting at PEAKS to learn a more advanced skill: rappelling. Since their introduction, a number of the girls have purchased memberships. Some have convinced their brothers and their Dads to climb. After we finished, it was really amazing to watch their faces light up and listen to their comments: “Cool! “, “Awesome!”, “I can’t believe I did that!”, “Wow, I was so scared but, I touched the ceiling!”, “I can hardly wait to try climbing outdoors!” As I watched the Pathfinders, my teenage son and his friend, the Moms, the Leaders and explored my own feelings, I realized climbing indoors at PEAKS provides each individual with a unique sense of accomplishment and empowerment. Each of us had different levels of ability, fear and physical fitness, but each of us managed to climb.

If you are planning an activity for Guiding, for birthdays, for school, or for a group of people, consider having the competent staff at PEAKS, Indoor Rock Climbing Club, introduce you safely to Canada’s fastest growing sport: rock climbing. Experience something new, something exciting, something different, something challenging and something empowering. We did and we are coming back for more! From our experience, I would highly recommend it. As my Pathfinders say: “Try it, you’ll love it!”

Sincerely Jane Barnet

Jane Barnetpathfinders

Outstanding Fun

I was new to Rock Climbing and always wanted to try it. I had such a great time and  didn’t know there are so many things to learn.  Great staff very friendly and patient. I felt like a king. Highly recommended. I will be back immediately.

Ben BlockEnthusiast

Challenging and Fun

I have know Andre for quite a while now and finally tried Peaks Rock Climbing after several years of hearing about it. It was so much fun. I never knew how strong I was or how entertaining it is. I will consider taking my whole class after today. I found comradery, team building skills, and a friendly atmosphere.

Anne ZemanPublic School Teacher