Team building

Team Building Exercises


We have 2.5 hour team building program that is great fun for your group.

We start with our rock climbing lesson that covers basic climbing and all the belaying skills. It also includes several easy step by step climbs so participants get familiar with all the safety procedures and proper communication. This lesson takes approximately 1 hour.

Once the lesson is completed we allow participants to climb on their own while the instructor supervises to ensure safety of climbers. After approximately 30 min of climbing we proceed to the first team building activity.


  • $35 / person (tax included)
    based on 10 or more participants

Traversing Challenge


This exercise requires strategizing and teamwork. The teams must plan how will they traverse the base of the walls and how to utilize each members strengths for the greatest benefit to the team.

One person climbs at a time the rest of the team advises and what holds to grab and how to move. Team with longest distance combined will win this challenge.

We take short 15 min break followed by the second team building component.

Corporate Ladder Climbing


You provide the questions – they climb for the answers. In this activity, team members will choose most suitable climbers to climb to the top of specific routes to retrieve envelopes containing questions about your company and/or industry.

The goal is to be the team has most envelops and answers all the questions correctly. Points will be given for retrieving envelopes – more points for envelopes on climbs that are more difficult. Points will also be awarded for correct answers to questions inside of the envelopes.

Team with most amounts of points will win this challenge.