Lesson for beginners and climbing



This 1 hour hands on lesson will get you up, and on your way!

Basic techniques of climbing, belaying and safety are covered. The lesson includes day pass, instruction and all the rental equipment – harness, climbing shoes, chalk and a chalk bag and a rental helmet if you wish to use it.

Once you have finished the lesson, you can climb until your endurance gives out or we close up.

Plan to stay for 2 to 2.5 hrs.



$ 40 Adults
HST and all rentals (climbing shoes, harness and chalk) included

$ 35 Students
HST and all rentals (climbing shoes, harness and chalk) included

$ 30 Children under age 14  must come with an adult – we will teach the adult how to keep them safe as they climb.
(HST and harness rental included – bring running shoes and bike helmet)

Important Notes


  • Please call in advance to book your lesson. Payment for 1 lesson will be required to book. We take VISA or MC over the phone. visa-mc-sm
  • IMPORTANT: If you are under 18 you need parent signature on the waiver form
  • Beginner lesson is mandatory for those who haven’t had any previous lesson/s or fail a belay (rope safety) test. Your friend, who perhaps has already taken the lesson, can’t show you or teach you.
  • You need a partner for this lesson and climbing
  • Lessons are NOT offered on Wednesday night – please call about lesson times (905) 988-5651
  • If kids are 14 but not 16 yrs old yet, you will have stay until the lesson is completed and we determine if the climbers are safe to use the gym on their own.