Climbing for groups



Our approach is simple: anyone can learn to rock climb and our programs provide the key to success. We utilize our indoor walls that provide any level of climber with great variety of climbs.

Routes are designed to cover a full range of climbing techniques, including

  • crack climbing,
  • face climbing,
  • bouldering,
  • slabs
  • overhangs


We are fully insured facility and therefore must request that each participant (or parent/guardian for children under age of 18) sign an amateur athletic waiver for insurance purposes prior to participating.

Waiver/s > HERE

How It Works


The gym has 20 foot high walls that have been coated with a special synthetic material which simulates actual rock. Climbers use different sized and shaped artificial rocks, known as holds, bolted in place to ascend the walls. Each climber wears a harness and a helmet (adults can waive helmet by signing a helmet waiver form) and is tied into an anchored “belay” system.

As the climber maneuvers up the wall, the “belayer” tightens the rope by pulling it through a self locking safety brake. If the climber slips during the ascent, the safety brake locks and prevents the climber from falling. Once at the top of the route, the belayer simply lowers the climber to the floor. The “top-rope” method of belay used in the gym will hold in excess of 4400 lb, providing safe environment in which to climb.

Climbing improves communication, co-operation and trust, as teamwork is a vital aspect to safe and successful climbing. For 20 years Peaks Indoor Rock Climbing has successfully accommodated many groups, including church youth groups, high school and elementary classes, scouts, army cadets, air cadets, Niagara Firefighters, Niagara Regional Police etc.

General Info


A minimum of 10 participants is required for group booking

  • minimum charge/deposit is $ 200 kids, students and $ 250 adults
  • you can use our party room at no additional charge.

If you have 15 or more people we can open off our regular hours. You will have the facility to your self

  • minimum charge/deposit is $ 300 kids, students and $ 375 adults
  • You can use our party room – no additional charge.

Our capacity is 36 climbers – we can handle more, but special arrangements must be made.

The appropriate clothing for climbing would be

  • T-shirts,
  • shorts or track pants
  • running shoes.
  • Climbing shoes can be rented individually for $ 6.00 HST included.
  • Kids under the age of 16 should bring their own bike helmets.

Rental helmets are available at no additional charge.
Please email for more information or to book your outing.

Group Climbing: Climbers 6 – 13 years old


This 2.5 hour session, designed to introduce participants to the basics of rock climbing, includes:

  • 45 min rock climbing lesson for adult supervisers
  • use of facility
  • rental harness

Kids must bring their own bike helmet. We require you to supply one supervisor per 3 – 5 children for safety belaying as children are too young to manage the safety ropes on their own.

Cost is based on 10 or more climbers:

  • $ 20.00 (HST included) per climber

We can also include ZIP LINE for additional $5.00 per climber but we can only offer this when booked off regular hours and you need to have at least 15 participants. Please email Andre Zeman (owner) at to make arrangements.

Group Climbing: Climbers 14 years old and up


This 2.5 hour session, designed to introduce participants to the basics of rock climbing, includes:

  • 1 hour rock climbing lesson
  • use of facility
  • rental harness
  • helmet
  • climbing competition activity

Cost is based on 10 or more climbers:

  • $ 20.00 (HST included) per climber for students
  • $ 25.00 (HST included) per climber for adults

How To Book

Please email Andre Zeman (owner) at to make arrangements

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