About Peaks

Rock Climbing is Canada’s fast growing sport and for good reason. It combines an excellent physical and mental challenge with an exciting backdrop. Peaks offers the safest environment possible for those willing to take up the challenge.

Our facility has 30 climbing routes, textured walls, cracks, overhangs, climbing cave, leading walls and a wide variety of boulder problems. These are all part of the Peaks Indoor Rock Climbing adventure waiting for you…

How To Participate

If you are an experienced climber planing to rope climb and know how to put on a climbing harness and belay, come down any time. You will get 5 min free orientation and then you will go straight to climbing > Prices here

If you are a climber interested in bouldering (climbing short climbs without rope), come down any time. You will get 5 min free orientation and then you go straight to bouldering > Prices here

If you want to climb to the top of the walls using ropes and you do not know how to put harness on and belay (pull the ropes and operate the safety brakes), you will have to call us first and book a lesson for beginners.  Please note that you will need a partner for this lesson as one person is climbing and the other person is handling the rope and then you switch.

Kids + Parents & Groups

If you are a parent planing to bring kids here to climb you will have to stay if they are under the age of 14. You will be their safety belayer. If you do not know how to belay, you will have to book a lesson for a child.  If the kids are 14 but not 16 yrs old yet, you will have stay until the lesson is completed and we determine if the climbers are safe to use the gym on their own.

If you are a teacher or group activity organizer who would like to bring a group of participants to rock climb. Please go to climbing for groups.

What People Are Saying

I took fifteen Pathfinders (Girl Guides ranging in age from twelve to fifteen) indoor rock climbing at PEAKS at the end of March. After receiving an introductory lesson, which emphasized safety, everyone had an experience of a lifetime.

Jane BarnetPathfinders

The facilities are great and the climbs which Andre sets up provide a challenge to both novice and experienced rock climbers. From the semesters end course evaluations, students indicated the experience at ‘Peaks” was “very positive”, “enjoyable” and interested them enough to return to Peaks on their own for additional climbs.

Peter PerronDept. of Physical Education Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

I was new to Rock Climbing and always wanted to try it. I had such a great time and  didn’t know there are so many things to learn.  Great staff very friendly and patient. I felt like a king. Highly recommended. I will be back immediately.

Ben Blockenthusiast